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Looking for sounds? Unique sample packs? Weird Ableton racks? Great, dig in!



I’m Jakub. Some call me Bernardeel, but most not… well, nobody calls me like that, except me online. I like glitchy sounds and weird music. I also like other sounds and other music. Because I liked both of these ever since I remember, I decided to learn how to do them. So I called myself a sound designer and producer and that’s how I became an artist.

I produce bass atmospheric electronic music, design sounds for games and animated shorts, make sample packs, design Ableton devices and implement sounds into games.

I love to translate my sonic atmospheres into other mediums, paint a story with sounds and bring characters, monsters or inanimate things to life.

What I do

Sound Design

Do you need unique sound effects or foley for a movie trailer, sound effects for a video game, audio background for your animation? Hit me up!

Game Audio

Does your game have astonishing visuals but lack amazing sound effects? Do you need help with audio implementation or integrate adaptive soundtrack? I’m your guy.

Music Production

Mixing, mastering, composing soundtracks, creating sample packs. If you need private lessons or mix your track, let me know!

Contact Me

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