Sound Design
Game Audio

Sound Design

Bernardeel Sound

Providing audio for games – everything from asset creation and adaptive scoring to sound implementation. Foley recording and sound design for short films, adverts and animations.

Game Audio


Audio Lead (ongoing)

Responsible for sound design, Unreal implementation through FMOD middleware and adaptive soundtrack integration.

Embark on a journey in this dark fantasy action-adventure game to find out why the tapestry of the world is suddenly unraveling itself and even the gods themselves seem powerless to stop it. Sharpen your blade, gather your companions, and prepare to make the last stand as the world around you burns.


Audio Lead, Composer (ongoing)

Currrent project, where everything around audio is in my charge. Asset creation, Unreal implementation through FMOD middleware as well as making and integrating adaptive soundtrack.

Kvark is an FPS game set in a fictional version of the 80s Czech Republic. The player finds themselves in an underground facility that is falling apart as they travel through it. They will have to navigate through dark tunnels and will encounter many obstacles and enemies that will test their skills.

Hobo: Tough Life

Sound Designer (2021)

I was responsible for sound design and dialogue editing. As my first game audio project I had an amazing opportunity to record and design my own sounds. Thanks to the realistic nature of the game, my original recordings are used almost exclusively in the final release.

An urban survival role-playing game where you play as a homeless person. Play alone or team up in online co-op. Explore the streets of Praslav, scavenge for food and supplies, beg, steal, and do whatever else it takes to survive the forthcoming winter.



Atmospheric bass project, influenced by left-field electronic artists like Tipper, Somatoast, Entangled Mind, Mr. Bill or Mindex. Bernardeel blends field recordings with neuro basses, meditative melodies and heavy atmospheres to come up with a mixture of genres from glitch and IDM to psychedelic and ambient music.

Flip Field Collective

Collective of Producers, Artists, and Sound Designers.

Re-contextualizing historic audio files into fresh compositions.